CXone API - v1.0

The purpose of this page is to provide documentation on using Access Key APIs. There are some differences between the methods when invoked with a UserHub user or Central user. This page will focus on UserHub users. For Central users documentation will be under the Admin API section of the developer portal.

Access Keys are designed for application requests not made through a browser. OpenID Connect supports browser requests.

Access Keys have to be enabled in the general permission section of a role. “My Access Keys” allows a user to manage their own access keys. “Access Keys” enables a user to manage access keys for other users.

The first access key for a user must be created by going to the employee page, then access keys tab.

The base URI for using access keys is .

As an example request urls should look like this: • Authentication Example: POST • Access Key API Example: GET

Discovery will return the base URI for all other API calls. CXone UserHub integrations should use “api_endpoint” from discovery.

Discovery URL:

Example request with “api_endpoint”:


General Requirements

To use any of the NICE inContact APIs in your application, you must have an API authentication token from the token service. See the API authentication token tutorial for information on what type of token is needed for your application and getting started tutorial to get to know how to get an API authentication token.