Data Extraction API- V1.0

The Data Extraction API lets you extract data from CXone for external reporting purposes. For example, you can extract QM Workflows data. Data to extract can only be filtered according to the specified date range.

Call the endpoint /jobs/sync to trigger a query for extracting data. Data is prepared and gathered. A url is returned and is accessible for 30 seconds (not including the time it takes to download the file).

You can write scripts to call the API periodically instead of retrieving the data manually each time. At any given time, only one user per tenant can call an API. You can only call the API once in a 30 second period.

General Requirements

In order to use this API, you must generate an API key in CXone and refresh it to get an access token that you can use as a bearer token when calling Data Extraction APIs. See steps 2 and 3 in Create Access Key.

Based on the entity requested, authorization checks are applied and may result in a success or unauthorized, and permissions should be checked.